Knoppix Linux From Zero to GNU/Linux in Five minutes Home | About | Search | Docs | Get Knoppix | Forum | Bugs | Contact | » Knoppix Wiki Home | RecentChanges | LikePages | BackLinks | Search Wiki : Knoppix Customizations Knoppix customizations that are available for download. These are unoffical knoppix modifications, that have changes such as reduced size, special media (like httpUSB keydrives ) and different languages. * other list: http * general linux distro: http *Alphabetized*. Keep additions in order separated by a horizontal rule (4 dashes). ------------------------------------------------------------------------ httpAuditor security collection The Auditor security collection is a Live-System based on KNOPPIX. With no installation whatsoever, the analysis platform is started directly from the CD-Rom and is fully accessible within minutes. Independent of the hardware in use, the Auditor security collection offers a standardised working environment, so that the build-up of know-how and remote support is made easier. Even during the planning and development stages, our target was to achieve an excellent user-friendliness combined with an optimal toolset. Professional open-source programs offer you a complete toolset to analyse your safety, byte for byte. In order to become quickly proficient within the Auditor security collection, the menu structure is supported by recognised phases of a security check. (Foot-printing, analysis, scanning, wireless, brute-forcing, cracking). By this means, you instinctively find the right tool for the appropriate task. In addition to the approx. 300 tools, the Auditor security collection contains further background information regarding the standard configuration and passwords, as well as word lists from many different areas and languages with approx. 64 million entries. Current productivity tools such as web browser, editors and graphic tools allow you to create or edit texts and pictures for reports, directly within the Auditor security platform. Many tools were adapted, newly developed or converted from other system platforms, in order to make as many current auditing tools available as possible on one CD-ROM. Tools like Wellenreiter and Kismet were equipped with an automatic hardware identification, thus avoiding irritating and annoying configuration of the wireless cards. * Homepage: http * Forum: http ------------------------------------------------------------------------ httpBarnix LiveCD This is a Linux Live CD Based on the Latest Knoppix 3.4 - It uses the XPde Desktop Environment Version 0.5.2 as Default - and is full of networking tools - It includes the Debian Optimized 1.1.1-2 and KDE 3.2.2 as well as Firefox 0.8 with the Flash Plugin, This OS is still in a Beta Stage so if you download you may need to visit our forum where we will gladly answer your questions - The ISO is around the 700MB in size and is version Barnix 0.3.5. Thanks to Arkaine23 the creator of Overclockix for helping with the space for our Webpage and ISO's * Homepage: http * Forum: http * V0.3.5 ISO: http ------------------------------------------------------------------------ httpBootable Cluster CD The Bootable Cluster CD supports a drop-in solution for MPICH, LAM, PVM, openMosix parallel environments. Tools are available for debugging, compiling, and profiling parallel codes. Built from sources using GAR. Mini-disc size (<210MB). ------------------------------------------------------------------------ httpBerry Linux Berry Linux is based on Red Hat Fedora Core and Knoppix. Version 0.36 features KDE 3.2, kernel 2.6. * Homepage: http ------------------------------------------------------------------------ httpBioknoppix Bioknoppix is Knoppix plus tools for molecular biologists and bioinformaticians. Beta-0.2 includes: 1. EMBOSS 2.8.0 2. jemboss^[1] <#footnote-1> 3. artemis 4. clustal 5. Cn3D 6. ImageJ 7. Biopython 8. Rasmol 9. Bioperl 10. Bioconductor * Homepage: http * Download: http * Download Mirror: http * Bit Torrent: http ------------------------------------------------------------------------ cdmedicpacsweb Medical application running on a Knoppix CD: "Full featured free PACS based on ctn, dcmtk and mysql,with remote administration using apache mod perl and imaging processing capabilities using ? _ImageMagick_, Grevera's dcm2pgm DICOM converter and AFNI." * Homepage http * Download http ------------------------------------------------------------------------ httpClusterKnoppix Remaster with openMosix support and cluster management tools (openmosixview) Also with a openMosix 'terminal server support' which can be used to very easy add extra nodes ~ 700MB * Homepage http "Once you have installed openMosix, the nodes in the cluster start talking to one another and the cluster adapts itself to the workload. Processes originating from any one node, if that node is too busy compared to others, can migrate to any other node. openMosix continuously attempts to optimize the resource allocation." ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Damn Small Linux Damn Small Linux is a business card size (50MB) Linux distribution. Despite it's miniscule size it strives to have a functional and easy to use desktop. Size: 50mb * Homepage: http * Download: ftp ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Dance Dance Tux A Knoppix remaster that includes pyDance (Dance Dance Revolution), python 2.3, optimized parallel mat drivers and more than 400 songs. * Homepage: http (for now) * Download: (looking for hosting space) ------------------------------------------------------------------------ DaNiX Redistributable Knoppix remaster designed for CZECH users. Contains latest openoffice-cz. * Homepage http * Download http ------------------------------------------------------------------------ httpdistccKnoppix distccKNOPPIX is a directly bootable and self-configuring Linux system on a small iso (~38MB) running a distccd daemon. It is a simple remastering of Damn Small Linux running a distccd daemon and some general cleaning up/removal of unneeded packages/apps. Its obvious target is for those who have other machines at their hands, and for some reason or an other can not get a distccd daemon running on it. Damn Small Linux is a remastering of KNOPPIX ------------------------------------------------------------------------ httpDNA Linux DNA Linux is Slax(a compact Slackware LiveCD) plus bioinformatics software. Release 0.13 includes: 1. BLAST 2. EMBOSS-2.8.0 3. T-COFFEE_distribution_Version_1.37 4. abacus-0.63 5. arka-0.11 6. avid 7. big_mac 8. cap3 9. clustalx1.81.linux 10. e-pcr 11. efmc 12. 13. ncbi 14. paml3.12 15. primer3_0_9_test. It also contains seqence data in BLAST format for Arabidopsis Thaliana (aa), Drosophila Melanogaster (aa) and Escherichia Coli (aa). The download requires registration. * Homepage: http * Download: http ------------------------------------------------------------------------ httpdyne:bolic dyne:bolic is not a Knoppix customisation, it is written from scratch. But it is well worth to mention here. dyne:bolic is a GNU/Linux distribution simply running from a CD, without the need to install anything, able to recognize most of your devices and peripherals: sound, video, TV, network cards, firewire, usb devices and more. It is optimized to run on slower computers, turning it into a full media station: the minimum you need is a pentium1 or k5 PC 64Mb RAM and IDE CD-ROM, or a modded XBOX game console - and if you have more than one, you can easily do clusters. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ httpEchelonlinux Echelon Linux is a Linux distribution designed to monitor and to manage your network. It features IDS (intrusion detection system), vulnerability scanning, and services monitoring. Echelon Linux configuration can be defined via a Web interface. It is based on Knoppix. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ httpeduKnoppix eduKnoppix is an italian Knoppix remaster aimed at the education world. eduKnoppix gives to teachers and students the possibility to test a GNU/Linux environment and use a lot of educational software such as KIG, Dr.Geo, Maxima as didactic support. It is also possible to obtain The httpOpen ECDL simply httpusing the software present in this distribution . * Homepage: http * Download: http ------------------------------------------------------------------------ httpemKnoppix emKnoppix is a distribution of Knoppix tailored for use in embedded systems. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ httpFeather Linux Feather Linux is a lightweight (64Mb) Linux distribution based on Knoppix which aims to have a wide range of applications that users would use every day on their desktop. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ httpFlonix Flonix is a GNU/Linux OS, based on Knoppix (Damn Small Linux) with a functional & light view (~60Mo). There are two versions of Flonix: 1. The Flonix USB Edition can be installed on an USB flash drive / Compact Flash card (64Mo & more) 2. The Flonix CD Edition is a live CD ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Freeduc French remaster with software for education. * Homepage http * Download http ------------------------------------------------------------------------ freie_software_knoppix A Knoppix remaster that only contains Free Software. * Homepage http * No download yet(?) ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Gentoo LiveCD for PowerPC Gentoo has created a live CD for Macintosh computers. KDE and Gnome versions are available, and are of course based on Gentoo, which utilizes the advanced software distribution system, Portage. This distro also includes the necessary packages to install and optimize Gentoo to your Mac. (not really Knoppix, though) * Homepage: http * Download: http ------------------------------------------------------------------------ GIS-Knoppix Remaster of Knoppix with a collection of GIS software. * Homepage http ------------------------------------------------------------------------ GNOME2-Live LiveCD remaster with the GNOME as the default interface. Site and ISO in Spanish. Size: 421Mb (version 0.7) * Homepage: http ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Gnoppix A Knoopix remaster based on Woody with Gnome 2.2 and Gnome 2.4. * Homepage: http * Download: http ------------------------------------------------------------------------ GNUmed Medical application running on Knoppix. * Homepage http, http * Download http ------------------------------------------------------------------------ httpKNOPPEL. Knoppix in Greek Language A version based on Knoppix that is customized (and very well) to support, read, write and "speak" Greek Language. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ httpInside Security Rescue Toolkit Inside Security Rescue Toolkit is a complete, bootable linux system based on Knoppix. It is sufficiently small to fit on a credit card-sized CD-ROM. Inside Security Rescue Toolkit contains a multitude of useful tools to be at your hand in a variety of situations: * network analysis (e.g. lcrzoex) * disaster recovery (e.g. gpart) * virus scanning (Clam Antivirus) * computer forensics (e.g. chkrootkit) * surf the internet (e.g. links, AxY FTP) ------------------------------------------------------------------------ jollix A GNU/Linux distribution based on Gentoo Linux, bootable CD with Knoppix technology. Contains KDE 3.1.1a, games and multimedia applications (xmms, mplayer, xine). Optimized for Athlon-CPUs (but works on all i686 machines). * Homepage http * Download http ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Kinneret a project relying on Knoppix to create a linux-on-disk dist. for the israeli student * Homepage: http ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Kix One of the original customizations, and available on the official mirrors. - 8cm (3 inch) Compact Disc Knoppix * Website: http * Download: http * Forum soon back at ------------------------------------------------------------------------ knopILS Italian KNOPPIX - knopILS (its name sounds like KNOPPIX and ILS) is a KNOPPIX customized with the following features: each .deb package installed belongs to the free tree of Debian GNU/Linux (or it could be classified as such if it is not an official one) // the boot prompt is in italian // the ``F2`` boot help prompt is in italian // the default keyboard is italian // the default language is italian // other minor changes (graphics, bug fixing etc...) * Homepage http * Download http ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Knopnl and httpKnopBase (now discontinued in favor of Morphix) Knopnl Features: * only 245 megs! (should get a whole lot smaller) * live cd (well, it is knoppix after all) * icewm! it's fast, it's furious, it's better than sliced bread! * phoenix, abiword, gnumeric, xchat, gaim, gftp, gimp, gedit, sylpheed, (g)mplayer, and synaptic for package management (no KDE, i'm a GTK freak) * kewl debian-background! Thanks to Debian-Desktop! * US-keymap and English on default! w00t! (bad hack though) httpKnopBase Features :__ Size: 87MB! * Homepage: http * Forum: http ------------------------------------------------------------------------ httpKnoppix Japanese Edition Linux: kernel 2.4.21,CLOOP,KDE. Applications: OpenOffice, Wine Windows Emulator, Mozilla Web Browser, GIMP. The site also mentiones 5 different versions all free for download: CD (ISO) version, Vmware 3.1 version, VirtualPC 5.0 version, Label Design Version, and an Educator's version. Translation: Eric Standlee at ------------------------------------------------------------------------ httpKnoppix MIB This is a Knoppix remaster which focuses on privacy issues. Knoppix MIB is also available for PPC * Encrypts personal files to a usb storage device * Automatically encrypts all data used on a hard drive swap space * Postfix mail server (MTA) with TLS encryption, preconfigured with provided generic certificates. * Automatic mount of persistent homedir at bootup, and automatic restoration of optional custom system configuration, without needing to type specific boot parameters. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ httpKnoppix PPC A Knoppix remaster for PPC ------------------------------------------------------------------------ httpKnoppMyth KnoppMyth is my attempt at making the Linux and MythTV installation as trivial as possible. KnoppMyth includes everything needed to create a set-top box. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Knoppix STD (security tools distribution) Focuses on information security and network management tools. It is meant to be used by both the novice looking to learn more about information security and the security professional looking for another swiss army knife for their tool kit. Includes KDE and patched Orinoco drivers. * homepage: http * forum: http ------------------------------------------------------------------------ httpKNOPPIX-ES Spanish remaster. * Homepage and Download: http * Changes from KNOPPIX: http ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Knoppix-Jr Based off the debian-jr project. * Homepage: http * Download: httphttp:// ------------------------------------------------------------------------ KnoppixKDE A KDE 3.1 Demo CD remaster, /see KnoppixKDE/ ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Knoppix-lite Nice small remaster Size: 207Mb * Download: ftp ------------------------------------------------------------------------ KnoppiXMAME Bootable arcade machine emulator. It is powered by Knoppix Debian GNU/Linux, X-MAME, and gxmame. * Homepage http * Download http ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Knoppix-USB Boot KNOPPIX from an USB Memory Stick * Homepage http * Download http ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Knorpora Knoppix remastered for students of corpus-based computational linguistics * Homepage http * Download http ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Kurumin Linux Brazilian Portuguese Knoppix customization by Carlos E. Morimoto. Includes the "Entendendo e Dominando o Linux" ("Understanding and Mastering Linux") ebook from the same author. Size: 196MB! (version 1.3) Includes KDE, Kword, Kontour, Acrobat Reader, Konqueror, X-CD-Roast, GFTP, xIRC, Bluefish, XMMS, Mplayer, Phoenix and much more! * Home: httpKurumin Linux (Site in portuguese) * Download: http * Download: http ------------------------------------------------------------------------ LAMPPIX LAMPPIX is a KNOPPIX and Damn Small Linux based Live CD that comes with the web server package XAMPP. This allows you to burn your PHP based web projects onto a CD and give them away. Your user then only has to insert the CD and reboot. * Homepage: http * Download: http ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Linux Magazine miniCD 1.0 Italian KNOPPIX customization made by Flavio Gargiulo in exclusive for the Linux Magazine monthly published by Edizioni Master. The first version was attached to the number 35 - November 2003. The main features are: the /size/ (everything is 183Mb), /KDE 3.1.3/, /Mozilla Firebird 0.6/, /The GIMP 1.3.19/, /Abiword 1.99.5/, /Gnumeric 1.1.9/, /Scribus 1.0/, /MySQL/, /MySQLcc/, /Gaim/, /KMail/, /Konqueror/, /gFTP/, /K3B/, /MPlayer/ and /KPlayer/, /Sodipodi/, loading of the miniCD in RAM, full localization in Italian. * References: http, http ------------------------------------------------------------------------ httpLinux-EduCD Linux-EduCD is polish distro based on Knoppix 3.3, for shool- and home-desks. The default environment is KDE. It includes a wide range of educational, office and multimedia software. New version (0.3.2) has configurated LTSP (Linux Terminal Server Project) and Moodle (e-learning system) * Homepage http * Forum (polish): http ------------------------------------------------------------------------ httpLiveOIO OIO: Open Infrastructure for Outcomes is a user-friendly, 100% web-browser accessible, medical/research content management system built with Zope and PostgreSQL or Oracle. It is also a high-level rapid application development (RAD) tool that offers user-definable data collection forms and integration with user-definable workflows, schedules, and reports modules. Through the LiveOIO product we achieve 2 goals: 1. 650MB Knoppix-based live-demo and hard-drive installer for OIO, Zope, PostgreSQL, PsycopgDA database adaptor, ParsedXML, and Calendar Tag. Download from http 2. a step-by-step How-To for remastering Knoppix to support a. any Debian package by using a packages source stored on the Knoppix CD. Simply use "apt-get install" to activate them as needed. b. software that requires read/write access to the file system. For example, PosgreSQL and Zope. Read the Making LiveOIO How-To at http ------------------------------------------------------------------------ httpLivePlone Plone (httphttp://www.Plone.Org) is a content management system built with Zope and Zope Content Management Framework (CMF). It provides a nice user-interface, submit-approve-publish workflow, and multiple document types (e.g. News, Image, Discussion) out-of-the-box. ? _LivePlone_ puts the power of a full-featured content management system within the reach of anyone who can put a CD in a CD-ROM drive! ? _LivePlone_ is based-on methodology developed through the httpLiveOIO product . Through the LivePlone product we achieve 3 goals: 1. Instantiation of any Zope object (e.g. a Plone site) via URL call as a way to automate setup of Zope-based systems. 2. 650MB Knoppix-based live-demo and hard-drive installer for Plone, OIO, Zope, PostgreSQL, PsycopgDA database adaptor, ParsedXML, and Calendar Tag. Download from http 3. Aggregation of synergistic Zope products onto single CD for ease of dissemination and deployment. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ httpLNX-BBC The LNX-BBC is a mini Linux-distribution, small enough to fit on a CD-ROM that has been cut, pressed, or molded to the size and shape of a business card. LNX-BBCs can be used to rescue ailing machines, perform intrusion post-mortems, act as a temporary workstation, and perform many other tasks that we haven't yet imagined. * Homepage: http * Download: http ------------------------------------------------------------------------ httpLocal Area Security Knoppix Local Area Security Knoppix is a 'Live CD' distribution with a strong emphasis on security tools and small footprint. With 2 different versions of L.A.S. to fit two specific needs. Current L.A.S. 0.4 MAIN 1. 185MB MiniCD size covering a full spectrum of tools 2. 210MB MiniCD size as well L.A.S. 0.4 now has 250+ security tools covering pen testing, forensics, monitoring, firewalls, IDS, and administration. 99% fat free and no calories! ------------------------------------------------------------------------ LuitLinux A small Live CD distribution based on KNOPPIX - < 50 MB with XFCE-4 as the Desktop Manager. Others : Abiword 2, ROX ...... Homepage : http ------------------------------------------------------------------------ MDK MiniCD Bootable Mandrake(!) Mini-CD that uses Knoppix technology in part * Homepage http * Download http ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Medialinux Full Multimedia Knoppix based Debian Distribution Includes all ( nearly 200 ) audio, graphics and video software included in the Debian Official Tree under those categories. All packages are up yo unstable/experimental versions and updated often. Included Noia icons and many command line tools. * Homepage: http Included: 3D gcombust, xcdroast, k3b, gtoaster, cdrtoaster, eroaster, arson, cdbakeoven, RipperX, Muse, Rosegarden e Rosegarden4, Timidity e Brahms, Audacity, Rezound, Gnoise, Glame, Ecawave, Xmms, Freebirth, Spyralsinthmodular, TerminatorX, Iuwsynth, Blender, Moonlight3D, Vertex, Panorama, Wings3D, KPovmodeler, Povray, Aqsis, Xine, Mplayer, Aviplayer, Noautun, Ogle, Xmovie, Totem, FreeJ, Kino, Cinerlerra, Xawtv, Xanim, Mpegtv, Vlc, Vls, Dia, BabyGimp, Impress, MagicPoint, Kpresenter, Qcad, Sodipodi, Xpaint, Xfig, Sketch, Kontour, Scribus, ? _PixiePlus_, ElectricEyes, Aview, Impress, Endeavour2, Kuickshow, Gthumb, Grace, Celestia, Stellarium, Atari, BasiliskII, Apple2, Bochs... Medialinux2 New version of Medialinux, based on Knoppix 3.3 * Homepage: http for informations and download links. Versioning starts really from this release, wich will have a 2.5 in a short time. That is also the reason for the beta attribute: just received some specs about Rarewares .debs and waiting for Marillat one's for legal reasons. They will be included in 2.5. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ mediapackknoppix Remaster with multimedia applications especially in mind. mediapackknoppix may not include all of the applications in the original Knoppix distribution, but it does contain additional software for Multimedia editing, playback, etc. * Homepage http * Download ftp ------------------------------------------------------------------------ MEPIS Based on knoppix, and comes with a 2nd cd of programs if you do a hard drive install. Has Icon for hard drive install. * Homepage: http * Download: ftp ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Micro Knoppix ISO Size: 51.8 MB also known as model_k ; not developt anymore. * Homepage: http * Download: http ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Miolux Linux Brazilian Portuguese customization of Knoppix. by Vilson Cristiano Ga:rtner * Homepage: http ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Model_K UPDATE: Model_K is back online! see micro knoppix iso ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Morphix A Modular distribution, with iso's ready to be burned to CD. * only 180MB for the lightGUI-version (bare module is 24MB) * Fast, Fast, Fast! Icewm, together with all the apps in KnopNL are in Morphix light * Modular! You can change your distro, even after it has been burned (just burn with multisession-support :) * and, yes, it has all the goodness of KNOPPIX :) available modules: * LightGUI (icewm-based, +/- 180MB) * HeavyGUI (gnome2.2-based, +/- 420MB) * Game (icewm-based, +/- 430MB, filled with open-source (multiplayer) games and the q3a demo!) * KDE (KDE3.1-based, up for testing as of now) Extra features: * Boot-selection * GTK-based installer Size: ~180mb * Homepage: http * Download: http ------------------------------------------------------------------------ NIOde An adapted version for the Dutch Olympiad Of Informatics. Without the compression, without the monster-desktop-environments, but with everything you need during the contests. * Homepage: http ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Nordisknoppix Knoppix for Nordic users, supporting Danish, Estonian, Finnish, Icelandic, Latvian, Lithuanian, Northern sami, Norwegian bokmal, Norwegian nynorsk, Swedish, and US English (the default). * Homepage: http * Mailing List (baltix-knoppix): https * Download: http * Download Mirror: ftp ------------------------------------------------------------------------ httpOpenGroupware Knoppix German remaster of Knoppix 3.2 with a working installation of httpOpenGroupware (formerly known as Skyrix).
This CD is also shipped with the August issue of the German httpLinux-Magazin . * Homepage http ------------------------------------------------------------------------ httpOralux Oralux hopes to facilitate access to GNU/Linux for the vision impaired people. The CD includes free Text-To-Speech softwares (TTS): Flite available in English, and EFM for English and French. The Russian language might be available soon. Oralux may install the DECtalk software, available in English, French, German or Spanish languages. If you want to help to translate, please contact us. * Download: http ------------------------------------------------------------------------ httpOverclockix * homepage- http * forum- http * screenshot- http Based on the unofficial Knoppix 3.4 Cebit magazine edition, Overclockix 3.4 has gone gold!!! This custom Knoppix features the latest packages available for the SID (unstable) branch of Debian. Some highlights are captive-NTFS (write support), install on demand scripts, 2.4.23-xfs and 2.6.1 kernel selectable at boot, XFCE, Gnome 2.4, KDE 3.2.2 with noia icons, Fluxbox, Icewm, Enlightenment, Gimp 2.0, and all the usual Overclockix packages (ml-donkey, BT, mplayer, mozilla-firefox and mozilla-thunderbird, karamba, stress-testers and DC clients) and let's not forget the stylish desktops. This by far is the best release version of Overclockix to date. As a side project, I've also worked on Overclockix LTSP which is a very standard Knoppix 3.3 remaster with folding@home scripts and modified LTSP service ready to go. You do have to use persistent home or hdd-install in order to fold@home with PXE-booted clients. This is a technical issue involving the dynamic ramdisk which prevents NFS or Samba from being able to mount the live CD filesystem unless there is a permanent, fixed-size medium for data. I did not include instructions but it is very simple. I suggest checking out the Overclockix Support Forum where I'll be happy to help you get started. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ httpParallelKnoppix ParallelKnoppix is a remaster of Knoppix that allows setting up a cluster of machines for parallel processing using the LAM-MPI and/or MPICH implementations of MPI. This allows a single process to execute on multiple machines in parallel. The objective is to speed up numerically demanding tasks. Getting the cluster up and running takes less than 15 minutes, if the machines have PXE network cards. * This version is based on KNOPPIX_V3.4-2004-05-17-EN.iso * Homepage: http ------------------------------------------------------------------------ httpPhlak PHLAK is a modular security distribution, geared to be used as a live CD. PHLAK was created to become the only tool security professionals would need to perform security analysis, penetration testing, forensics, and security auditing. PHLAK comes with two light gui's (fluxbox and XFCE4), packages for printing, publishing, a little multimedia, many security tools, and a file cabinet full of security related documentation for your reading/educational purposes. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ httpPilot Linux Bootable terminal client. PilotLinux is a bootable LiveCD based on Knoppix and Morphix. PilotLinux transforms an ordinary PC in a fully functioning Thin Client PC. Currently PilotLinux support MS-Terminal Servers (RDP-5), VNC and X. Support for other protocols is being worked on (Citrix-ICA, NX, etc). Its possible to directly link to a Terminal Server or manually enter a server address using the gui. * The release candidate for version 2 has been released. * Homepage: http ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Quantian Quantian is a directly bootable and self-configuring Linux system on a single CD-ROM. Based on Knoppix and clusterKnoppix, it provides out-of-the box support for openMosix as well as about 500MB of additional software with a quantitative, numerical, or scientific focus such as R (including many CRAN packages), Octave (including several add-on packages), Gambit, Gap, GiNaC, GMT, Grace, Gri, GSL, Kile, Latex, Lyx, Maxima, OpenDX, Pari, PDL, PSPP, Quantlib, Texmacs, Xlisp-stat, Yacas, and Yorick. * Homepage: http ------------------------------------------------------------------------ SkoleKNOPPIX Based on the Skolelinux project. Defaults to Norwegian language. * Homepage: http * Download: ftp * Download: ftp ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Slix A version of Knoppix in Slovenian language, oriented toward common users. Less hacking stuff, more productivity apps. * Homepage http ------------------------------------------------------------------------ SQL-Ledger Knoppix German remaster of Knoppix 3.2 with a working installation of the accounting software SQL-Ledger (http * Homepage http ------------------------------------------------------------------------ STUX 0.7 Knoppix based on Slackware 9.1 * Homepage: http * Download: http ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Sulix Hungarian * Homepage: http * Screenshots and Download: http ------------------------------------------------------------------------ The Penguin Sleuth Kit This re-master focuses on computer forensic examinations of computers and contains some infosec tools. Sort of like KNOPPIX-STD but more geared towards computer forensics. * homepage: http * forum: http ------------------------------------------------------------------------ TrX Turkish remaster: KDE 3.1.1 desktop, router and firewall. Configuration data stored on a floppy disk, harddisk partition or, in future versions, on a USB storage device. * Homepage http * Screenshots http * Package List http * Download http ------------------------------------------------------------------------ httpVigyaanCD VigyaanCD is suitable for bioinformatics, computational biology and computational chemistry. The user can choose from more than 20 science applications. At present the following ready to use software comes on VigyaanCD: Artemis, Bioperl, BLAST (NCBI-tools), ClustalX, Cn3D, EMBOSS tools, Garlic, GROMACS, Ghemical, GNU R, Gnuplot, GIMP, Image Magick, JMol, MPQC, NJPlot, Open Babel, Octave, PSI3, PyMOL, Rasmol, Raster3D, SMILE, TINKER, XDrawChem, Xmgr, Xfig and GNU C/C++/Fortran compilers. It also has genomes from /Eschercia coli/ (K 12) and Synechococcus sp. WH 8102 It is suitable both for beginners (12 demos and tutorials) and experts. ISO image size (v 0.1) is 647 MB. * Homepage: http * Screenshots: http * Download: http (several mirrors around the world) ------------------------------------------------------------------------ httpWendyx Linux Chilean Spanish Knoppix customization by Enrique Herrera Noya. Customizacion de Knoppix Chilena en español hecha por Enrique Herrera Noya. Based in Kurumin and Knoppix-es Basada en Kurumin y Knoppix-es Size: +/- 250MB! (version beta) Includes KDE, Konqueror, X-CD-Roast, GFTP, kopete, XMMS, Mplayer! orientada a estaciones de trabajo! * Home: httpWendyx Linux (Site in spanish) * Download: http ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Knoppix-dist with Netware Linux Client, Groupwise Linux Client etc.. * Homepage: http * Last version from Dec 03, next announced for march 04 * Download: http where you have to register ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Yoper CD 2 Yoper is a high performance operating system which has been optimised for PC's with either 686 or higher processor types. From the Yoper homepage: "CD2 are additional packages (Gnome-2.2, Mplayer, kde international) and a Knoppix-based Yoper Terminal client bootable CD." * Homepage http * Download http ------------------------------------------------------------------------ httpZOPE Zope is an open source web application server primarily written in the Python programming language. It features a transactional object database which can store not only content and custom data, but also dynamic HTML templates, scripts, a search engine, and relational database (RDBMS) connections and code, especially MySQL, PostgreSQL and Gadfly are fully fuctionable including import/export. For the convenience, we have built Zope-2.6.2b5 system on a Knoppix Linux CDROM. Without preinstallation, one can setup a Zope system rightaway only booting from CDROM. The LiveZope-0.1 can be download from: * Download ftp (Thanks for kindness of the related coordinators.) In this version, it also includes many computer algerbra systems (CAS's), such as Octave, Maxima, R, gnuplot, QCL, graphviz, GCL, rlab etc., with the GUI scientific document editor, ? _TeXmacs_ that can easily make technique documents with embedding output from above CAS and support for the output with format, postscript, pdf, html etc. And the famous 3D packages included blender, VPython are also packed in this CDROM. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ WISHLIST for Knoppix Customisations You can enter your fancy ideas into this WishList ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Last edited on July 9, 2004 4:49 am. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Edit | PageHistory | Diff | Info Sign In Copyright (c) 2003 Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this document under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.2 or any later version published by the Free Software Foundation; with no Invariant Sections, no Front-Cover Texts, and no Back-Cover Texts. A copy of the license is located here . © 2002 - 2003 KNOPPIX is a LinuxTAG project created by Klaus Knopper | This is not the official KNOPPIX website | Linux is a trademark of Linus Torvalds Search